About Us

I have been a freelance theatre set and costume designer and maker for the last 20 years. This job involves a lot of designing, drawing and making things for clients and theatre companies. I wanted to explore what would come from my love of illustrating, my love of nature and folklore and a desire to create sustainable and useful things that people will look after and will last a long time.

I live in a small cottage on the Northamptonshire/Leicestershire border with my partner of ten years, Eric, who makes beautiful things out of wood and takes all of my photos for me. We currently have seven chickens, three Gloucester Old Spot pigs and various bits of land around the village that people have allowed us to grow vegetables on. I try and grow as much of my own food as possible, make most of what I need and live as lightly off the land and as close to nature as possible.

I love to send people cards, put beautiful things on my walls and put as little as possible into landfill. I started using washable handkerchiefs about ten years ago and although I love the old vintage ones in my collection, I want to only have organic cotton in my pocket and organic cotton touching my face! I am also a huge fan of tea towels. There is something so comforting about a beautiful tea towel, worn after years of use, used to wrap a picnic, a loaf of bread, gather some freshly picked produce and I suppose, do the washing up with...

I have created The Moon and the Furrow to celebrate this beautiful planet and hope that in doing so, we cause as little damage as possible. I hope you enjoy where this will take us.

Kate x