About Us

I lost almost all of my work as a freelance theatre designer overnight due to the pandemic. After taking some time to have a break from the busy and stressful life I had found myself in, I wanted to explore making my own work. The Moon and the Furrow had been slowly forming at the back of my mind, borne from a love of nature and folklore and a desire to create sustainable and useful things that people will look after and will last a long time.

I love to send people cards, put beautiful things on my walls and put as little as possible into landfill. I started using washable handkerchiefs about ten years ago and although I love the old vintage ones in my collection, I want to only have organic cotton in my pocket and organic cotton touching my face! I am also a huge fan of tea towels. There is something so comforting about a beautiful tea towel, worn after years of use, used to wrap a picnic, a loaf of bread, gather some freshly picked produce and I suppose, do the washing up with.

After a particularly stressful time in 2015 (more about that here) a dream of living off-grid was formed. That combined with the One Planet scheme in Wales, which allows you to build a house if you can prove you can live off the land within 5 years, led to myself and my partner, Eric, buying an 11.5 acre woodland near Builth Wells in Wales in early 2021. We now live about 15 minutes away from the woodland in a 3 bedroom static caravan which has incredible views and we work in the wood most days, building a smallholding with our hens and bees. Much of my work is inspired by this simple and intentional life with the seasons.

I have created The Moon and the Furrow to celebrate this beautiful planet and hope that in doing so, we cause as little damage as possible. I hope you enjoy where this will take us.

Kate x