The Moon and the Furrow

Mabon Handkerchief

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Mabon is the name for the Autumn Equinox. The days and nights are of almost equal length and we can really feel the shift to the darker months of the Wheel of the Year. This design celebrates the abundance of the hedgerows, woodlands and fields at this time of year featuring hips, haws and other fruits plus a selection of mushrooms that can be found. 

This is an imagined foraging trip, a beautiful cornucopia woven with wheat, complete with strap to be held over my shoulder as I hunt for nuts, berries and fungi, pausing to cut a mushrooms in half to investigate.

The border for many of my designs illustrates trees chosen for their associations with old customs and beliefs. They are Elder, Oak, Ivy and Holly. I have also included some of the phases of the moon.

This handkerchief is sewn by me in Wales. The image is printed in the UK onto an untreated cotton fabric certified as 100% organic. The approximate size for each handkerchief is 320 mm x 320 mm. Wash at 30 °

Each order is wrapped in acid free, unbleached tissue paper and includes a hand written thank you note. I am happy to address this to recipients of gifts at no extra cost. Just let me know in the notes when you place your order.