The Moon and the Furrow

Wild Garlic Bulbs

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The Moon and the Furrow is now the proud guardian of 11.5 acres in Wales which has been left untouched for at least 30 years. Two acres of this is open, scrubby land (with the odd caravan dumped here and there) where we hope to have a modest smallholding and build a house. Most of the remaining 9.5 acres is ancient woodland and carpeted with dog's mercury, wood anemones, opposite-leaved golden saxifrage and wild garlic, everywhere. It's growing in a few places where we may need to clear it, on paths for example and as it spreads so effectively and prolifically we think it could be a way for us to generate a small income from the land, which is key to us being able to live there.

So this is a bit of an experiment, a trial run to see if people want to buy a little piece of this beautiful, ancient woodland in a way that is sustainable for us and the wood. 

I will harvest the bulbs on just one day this Spring, May 10th. This is a pre-order, open until May 9th. The plants will be posted first class on May 11th. The bulbs with their leaves and buds will be wrapped in damp recycled kitchen towel, placed in a compostable bag and then in a cardboard box that will fit through most letterboxes. I will also include a booklet which includes some information about wild garlic, recipes and planting and growing instructions.

The price is for 20 bulbs with leaves and the information, recipe and care booklet. Unfortunately, bulbs can only be sent within the United Kingdom.