The Moon and the Furrow

The Owl Service Art Print

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The artwork is printed onto 100% recycled 300 gsm card which has a smooth, white finish. This print is available in two sizes: 210mm 210mm and 297 mm x 297 mm

The Owl Service is a folk horror classic and a beautifully haunting tale of folklore, landscape, and how we connect to the past and the present. Written by Alan Garner, it is an adaptation of the myth of Blodeuwedd. In Welsh mythology she was made from the flowers of broom, meadowsweet and oak by magicians, Math and Gwydion who eventually turns her into an owl.

I have re imagined the dinner plate that Alison traces onto paper and cuts out to make the owls. I have used the flowers the magicians use to make the pattern and around the plate design are drawings of the Welsh landscape taken from where the novel is set, Mid Wales, featuring the Stone of Gronw. The Welsh scenes also reflect the changing seasons.

"She wants to be flowers, but you make her owls."

The border for many of my designs illustrates trees chosen for their associations with old customs and beliefs. They are Elder, Oak, Ivy and Holly. I have also included some of the phases of the moon.

Each order is wrapped in acid free, unbleached tissue paper, tied with yarn and includes a hand written thank you note. I am happy to address this to recipients of gifts at no extra cost. Just let me know in the notes when you place your order.