The Moon and the Furrow

Stonehenge and the Wiltshire Horn Art Print

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The artwork is printed onto 100% recycled 300 gsm card which has a smooth, white finish. This print is available in two sizes: 210mm 210mm and 297 mm x 297 mm.

Stonehenge is the big one, literally. The ultimate stone circle. You almost feel like you have been there, even if you haven't, it's such a part of our heritage and collective culture. One of the most joyous experiences of my life was being there for the Winter Solstice last year. A lifelong ambition realised and more powerful than I ever could have imagined. Luckily, Eric's uncle and aunt live within walking distance of the stones so I am hoping we will have many more Solstices with them in that sacred place.

I am obsessed with sheep. I want to give up being a theatre designer and be a full time shepherdess, sort of... I want my own small flock of rare breed sheep for their wool, and their milk to make cheese. I'd also like to wear some sort of smock all day. I've been wanting to include sheep in one of my designs for a while. The Wiltshire Horn is, as you would imagine, native to this part of the world where they used to roam freely. They are what is know as "hair sheep" and they shed their wool naturally so are not very useful to knitters like me. I still wanted to draw them because they are one of the oldest surviving sheep breeds and would have been at Stonehenge over 2000 years ago. Plus they have magnificent horns.

The border for my Winter Solstice designs features Holly and Ivy. Both are important and sacred plants for this time of year. At the Winter Solstice, the Holly King loses his fight with the Oak King and the days will begin to get longer. Holly planted on boundaries or near to your home will prick evil spirits and prevent them from entering. Ivy represents life and re-birth as it often lives on after its host plant has died. The magical properties of ivy include protection, loyalty, fidelity, binding and cooperation. So it's a wonderful plant to have in the house as part of your family celebrations. I have also included some of the phases of the moon.

Each order is wrapped in acid free, unbleached tissue paper, tied with yarn and includes a hand written thank you note. I am happy to address this to recipients of gifts at no extra cost. Just let me know in the notes when you place your order.