The Moon and the Furrow

Hare and Nettles Art Print

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The artwork is printed onto 100% recycled 300 gsm card which has a smooth, white finish. This print is currently available in one size: 210mm 210mm

In African folk tales, the hare is warned against as a trickster. In English folklore the witch can take the form of a hare. Chinese, Japanese and Mexican cultures see the form of the hare in the moon and we see the hare in the constellation of Lepus. Three hares chasing each other have been found in architecture and on coins as far back as the 6th century and as far away as Afghanistan and China. I don’t think I ever saw a hare until I moved to the countryside and now I have lost count of how many I’ve seen, usually freezing then tearing away from me as I turn a corner or enter a field.

I prize nettles as one of the best and most useful plants to forage that we have. It’s also the only thing that really has any effect on my hay fever. It’s so good for you and you can even make yarn out of it. In Celtic folklore, a patch of stinging nettles means there are sure to be some fairies living nearby.

The border for many of my designs illustrates trees chosen for their associations with old customs and beliefs. They are Elder, Oak, Ivy and Holly. I have also included some of the phases of the moon.

Each order is wrapped in acid free, unbleached tissue paper, tied with yarn and includes a hand written thank you note. I am happy to address this to recipients of gifts at no extra cost. Just let me know in the notes when you place your order.