The Moon and the Furrow

Lunar Intentions Notepad

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All of The Moon and the Furrow notepads are printed without water or chemicals onto 100% recycled paper or paper from sustainable managed forests, all inks are vegetable oil based and all toners are new generation eco-friendly.

I recently began to attend Full Moon Circles which provide an opportunity for grounding, connection with others and reflection. We have guided meditations, journalling prompts, we throw things into fires and bathe in the moon. I've never taken that kind of detailed and focused time on myself before and I wanted to continue it through the month. I designed these notepads to help me stick to it!

Here is some guidance on how to use them:

INTENTION: On the New Moon, when the moon is dark, set an intention, or ask for guidance and clarity on something. You will then set out to discover the answers for yourself. You might want to think about what your intention or question is on the days before the New Moon. You can jot this down with your morning coffee or create more or an atmosphere and tone. Prepare a safe space, light some candles, perhaps burn some palo santo or some essential oils for concentration such as Lavender, Rosemary, Sage or Lemon. Gather what feels right for you. You can also meditate and focus on breathing exercises. 

During Waxing Crescent Moon up until First Quarter, sit with your intention and decide and clarify what action you need to take.

ACTION: First Quarter Moon is the time for action. Hopefully you will have decided what steps you need to take and can now begin to implement your plan.

The Waxing Gibbous Moon phase leading up to the Full Moon is the time to have faith in the action you took and trust that your intention will be fulfilled.

REFLECTION: The Full Moon is the time to reflect on your intention. Was it fulfilled? Are you now benefiting from the action you took and has it served and helped you? Or perhaps you conclude that it was not the right path or the right time for this change or challenge.

The Waning Gibbous phase is for gratitude and for appreciating the knowledge and awareness you have gained.

RELEASE: Let go of anything which isn't helping or serving you. Break free of negative emotions and forgive where possible.

Following the release, feel peace and restoration in the Waning Crescent Moon. What could your next New Moon intention be?

"I've been using the intention pad and honestly it's so much easier to use than anything else I've tried to do with moonology. It's really helping me to focus on one thing I want to achieve that month rather than ALL the things which, let's be honest, us creatives are renowned for!"

From a happy customer 

Each order is wrapped in acid free, unbleached tissue paper, tied with yarn and includes a hand written thank you note. I am happy to address this to recipients of gifts at no extra cost. Just let me know in the notes when you place your order.